Wednesday, July 04, 2007 - A quick post for my wife

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Several months ago now, my wife and a friend of hers discoved the joy of arts and crafts. Well, thats not exactly true, my wife's friend already had an interest in making cards and on an excursion to a local arts and crafts shop they found beads. Now for most of us boxes full of sparkly beads would send us running for the nearest exit. But not for these two, in less time than you can say sticky back plastic they had already bought enough beads and leather twine to keep Blue Peter in business for several months, and had begun making 'book beads'.

Book beads or Book Thongs as they are known in the good 'ol USA are sparkly book marks. To a largely uneducated fella like me they are a small peice of leather with 4 or 5 nice beads on each e