Sunday, March 12, 2006

The guys at golf experience contacted me last week and we had a great chat about their online handicap system and how they can add their considerable weight to my campaign to promote Junior Golf in the UK.

What they have come up with exceeded my expectations as they have decided to offer FREE membership to all juniors that register through junior golf world or a selected number of academies across the UK.

The idea is that you update the system and then give access to you results to your coach. He can check how your doing and tailor make your lessons to combat any problems. I mentioned it to Adrian Hill at Portal Golf Academy and he liked the idea, although as he pointed out, you have to trust the juniors to put the right information into the system. I suppose in the end you’re only cheating yourself so its always best to be honest.

I am currently putting together a page on the site to promote the idea, so check back again soon.


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