Monday, September 19, 2005

Time to raise the tempo

OK, its been some time since I first posted this new site, and I have to admit that I have not had any time to work on the site during the last year, having taken a new job just after launching the site.

However, even without any major updates to the site I am really pleased with some of the listings I am getting on the major search engines. So, its now time to start really promoting the site, and that's were I need your help.

If your reading this you have found it through typing Junior Golf into one of the major search engines, and so your either a junior golfer yourself, a mum or dad of a budding junior golfer, or your involved in the sport in some other way. Whoever you are I'd like to here from you, and I'm particularly interested if you have information on any of the following areas:

1. Junior Golf Events
2. Junior Golf Clubs
3. Junior Golf Equipment

My plan is still to create a site were Junior Golfers can keep abreast of everything thats happening in the sport, so keep your email coming and thanks for all your support.