Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Junior Golf Newsletter

As a supposed expert in Internet marketing one statistic that has always stuck in my mind is that, on average, it takes, the average web surfer 7 visits to a site before the pluck up the courage to buy anything.

Yes I did say seven!!

So, whilst it would be lovely to sell everybody something the first time they visit the site, its faintly optimistic. At best you would like them to leave some contact details so that you can contact them in future in order to entice them back to your site a further 6 times.

And once you've collected contact details its important that what you send them is relevant and geared to what they are intersted in.

So how do you do that I hear you ask. Well, personally, constructing content rich, highly targetted email marketing messages was not my speciality, no really. However, with a little help from Constant Contact I'm now very much the expert.

Have a look yourself, there's even a free trial.

Constant Contact --> Your Email Marketing Manager


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