Monday, December 19, 2005

British Heart Foundation Junior Golf Championship

The British Heart Foundation has been hosting its Junior Golf Championship since 1994 and its attracted over 35,000 juniors so far. Teams of three compete in various preliminary rounds and then a regional final all vying to win one of the 21 team spots in the Grand Final, which last year was held at the Belfy.

Its a fabulous event that has raised over £1.5 million since 1994 and has also attracted a great deal of support from the R & A and Ryder Cup player and current European Order of Merit Winner, Colin Montgomerie.

If you want to get a team together this year you will need to download the brochuse from the BHF web site.

And if you do enter drop me a line and let me know how you did.

Other Great Junior Golf Events

The HSBC Wee Wonders Open Golf Championships - Now at the Grand Final stage for 2005 you can register for the 2006 event early next year. Visit the web site for more details

The Daily Telegraph Marriott Golf Roots programme has already introduced more than 45,000 inner city children to golf, and plans are already in pace for 2006. If you'd like to take part or even volunteer to help they would love to hear from you. Just visit their website


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